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The POST explains What is Subdomain Hijack/takeover Vulnerability, What are the Impacts of the Vulnerability & How can You prevent such attacks, In addition to this I Tried my best to add the step by step guide about how to Identify & Exploit Vulnerable Subdomains Using 5 different services that includes, Amazon Cloudfront  Heroku […]

Hey, I decided to Write about this Issue because I have seen some people are still confused about “Fastly error: unknown domain” Many Subdomains of BugBounty programs have This error on their Subdomains and People Report is Without Claiming or Try to claim That.. But If you try to claim such Subdoamin it will ask […]

Hey Guys! So I have to accept that I’m a Huge Fan of Lamborghini Cars 👊 So I was just looking at their website when I decided to scan subdomains of the website 😛 and I found a Subdomain ( that was showing an error Like Cloudfront Error on So as i Know and […]

  Hey Guys, Some of my friends was asking for another Writeup. so Here’s One 🙂 Last month I decided to practice a little So I took one of the popular websites… Lets Take That Website as (As Its Not a public Program) Lets start from a Little basics. What is SQL Injection Vulnerability? This […]