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Author: Muhammad Khizer Javed

I am a cybersecurity researcher, I work as a Lead Penetration Tester at SecurityWall, I work with a team of skilled cybersecurity professionals who conduct web and mobile application penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, and information security consulting for various clients. I hold multiple certifications from EC-council, The SecOps Group, and Training From ICSI|UK PentesterLab, & Google Workshop. I am also an avid bug bounty hunter, actively participating in the HackerOne and Bugcrowd platforms, where I have earned acknowledgments from renowned companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, the Government of Singapore, and the US Department of Defense. I have extensive experience in web application security testing, Android application security testing, and vulnerability assessment, delivering exceptional results and robust solutions. My passion for cybersecurity drives me to constantly learn new skills and techniques and to share my knowledge and insights with the community. I have a proven track record of helping organizations fortify their digital infrastructure and protect against potential threats, by leveraging my expertise in web and mobile application security, information security consultancy, and vulnerability management.

Hey guys so this blog post is about bug bounty report, I was able to Bypass Security restrictions by using inspect element and use Paid Features. About the Issue: The issue is really simple to execute. I was looking for a way to use the service for free and managed to find it so easily […]

Hey guys so this blog post is about RCE issue reported to Microsoft bug bounty program, Remote Code execution issue existed in subdomain running Apache Solr.   I’ll try to be as simple as possible. Participated in Microsoft Bug Bounty Program first time.. About the RCE: While doing some recon on website i […]

Hey guys so this blog post is about doing static analysis of an Android App, And due to insecure storage of SMS API credentials I was able to Takeover the SMS API here’s a Short POC of the issue.

Hey guys so this blog post is about Exploiting Insecure Firebase Databases, due to Improper set security rules one can write data to the database in certain conditions here’s a Short POC tutorial of the issue. A few days ago i was doing static analysis of an Android app on a bug bounty target, as […]

Hey guys so this blog post is about an Issue in Snapchat’s Website, due to Improper Input Validation one can add custom text & urls in SMS send by Snapchat here’s a Short POC of the issue.     HackerOne Report: #420420 A Subdomain on Snapchat’s website Gives the basic information about Snapchat, what […]