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Hey,   So First of all before i start writing about this issue i want you guys to read the blog about Ticket Trick it was written by Inti De Ceukelaire (Thanks to him for sharing this and help us work on it to secure more companies ). This blog is just about my experience with this issue and […]

Hey Guys,   So This blog is a short blog about a P1 issue i found in a site it was a really simple and maybe a common issue, So I got invited to a site and the first thing i mostly do is to check for issues related to that site & also […]

Hey Guys,   So This Blog is Basically About an issue i found in a web where a missing file and an Unsecured S3 Bucket connected to that website gave me a way to takeover that subdomain without a Subdomain Takeover Vulnerability, So Let’s begin   So I was testing a private program when i […]

Hey Guys Its Me Khizer again So This Blog is about an IDOR issue i found in a Web where changing the User ID in Facebook auth callback linking request actually connects my Facebook Account to the Victims Site Account so By this i could get complete access to User Account. So Let’s start what […]

Hey guys Me again with a Short POC about Login Bypass Using SQL Injection to get Access to AutoTraders Webmail so lets begain the POC will be short. What happened was i was working on AutoTraders Bug Bounty Program and had reported a couple of issues but all were Duplicate so i was checking subdomains […]

Hey Guys! Me Back with a New Post This One is about an Authentication Bypass Vulnerability in one of the subdomains of ZOL Zimbabwe and Then got an XSS following with an SQLi in that Control Panel. So The Main Focus of this Blog Post will be on How i got access to the […]

Hello 1337s, I hope you all are doing good and hunting websites. Today I’m going to tell you about a very interesting finding which was very simple and I never expected that it could really exist there. I was hunting Edmodo nine months back and after various tests and techniques, I was unable to find […]