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Unrestricted File Upload to RCE | Bug Bounty POC

Muhammad Khizer Javed December 19, 2017

Hey Guys,

Hope all of you guys are doing well, I’m an Active Bug Bounty participant, & also sometimes work as a Freelancer for some extra pocket money :p

So I got a Project to test a site for possible security issues, while working on the Project i was able to bypass the file Upload functionality to Upload a shell to the website.

It wasn’t a regular Bug Bounty Hunt so my target was Damn vulnerable but also fun to practice. ( I haven’t taken much screenshots during testing so will try to share as much info as i can )

Back to the POC, It all started by Logging into the account, The website was basically a team management portal and i was testing for any Cross Site Scripting issues, ( And i got one ) but then from setting their was an option to upload user profile image,

So I decided to test it, the first thing i did was to check what if they Upload images on same site or on a 3rd party storage. all other images on that website was on so when i uploaded the simple image on the profile it was on<ProfilID>/name.jpg

Now the next thing was to try uploading any other extension, but if i try uploading any extension other than JPG, PNG, & GIF it popup a forbidden error.

But while testing i realized that they send a GET request containing the filename & mime, in it


and the response of the request was 200OK simple & The next request was simple PUT request for file upload to the images directory

I tried chaining the content of the PUT request as HTML or TXT but it always gets back a 500 Internal Server Error. It was because i forget that the referer header contains the last URL. But then tested it again By changing the name & mime in 1st GET request as it was added as Referer to the next PUT request and then i changed the content & file type in the PUT request.

and Following that request i made changes to the PUT request to Upload an HTML file and it was Success…. Now I have a Stored XSS using HTML file, I bypassed the Same origin Policy, & X-Frame-Options Header. etc

Now i decided to upload a PHP file,

<?php if(isset($_REQUEST[cmd])){ echo <pre>; $cmd = ($_REQUEST[cmd]); system($cmd); echo </pre>; die; }?>
 i used the simple one liner PHP backdoor for the test purposes.

But One thing that made me angry was i wasn’t able to execute a PHP file for some reason it always gave me a 403 Forbidden error,

But then i decided to try some other extensions,

php=> 403 Forbidden


phps, phpt, php3, php4, php5=> 200 OK


i guess only the php extension was not getting uploaded but others worked, It was all for me to confirm the issue.


Note: I haven’t disclosed the actual website that i worked with and posting this after the developer review this post.