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Hey guys so this blog post is about Exploiting Insecure Firebase Databases, due to Improper set security rules one can write data to the database in certain conditions here’s a Short POC tutorial of the issue. A few days ago i was doing static analysis of an Android app on a bug bounty target, as […]

Hey guys so this blog post is about an Issue in Snapchat’s Website, due to Improper Input Validation one can add custom text & urls in SMS send by Snapchat here’s a Short POC of the issue.     HackerOne Report: #420420 A Subdomain on Snapchat’s website Gives the basic information about Snapchat, what […]

Hello Guys!! This is my first Blog post and i am starting with IDOR Vulnerability. In this Post you will know about many endpoints to test IDOR vulnerability! Hope you will like it. Arbaz Hussain get invitation to test one private program and find vulnerabilities with his team mates but he was busy with his […]