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Hacking SMS API Service Provider of a Company |Android App Static Security Analysis | Bug Bounty POC

Hey guys so this blog post is about doing static analysis of an Android App, And due to insecure storage of SMS API credentials I was able to Takeover the SMS API here’s a Short POC of the issue….

KNOXSS for Dummies! A new Detailed Guide to use KNOXSS Pro in real world

Just “XSS” it Hello to all my brothers and friends. First i would like to thank @knowledge_2014 (ak1t4 z3n) for his support and @IfrahIman_ (Ifrah Iman) for helping to write this article. My name is Emad Shanab from Egypt. I am a lawyer by occupation but I love to find bugs in websites as a hobby….

My Guide to Basic Recon? | Bug Bounties + Recon | Amazing Love story.

Hi All, So I decide to write about the Love story between Bug Bounties & Recon. First of all I’m not much of an Expert so I’m just sharing my opinion. This blog post will be focusing on recon & where to look for bugs In a Bug Bounty Program, This is not a guide…